When Heart Speaks.πŸ’•

Eid. πŸ’š

It’s always been about giving up your attachment for HIS decree, His word. An animal sacrifice is just a symbol, Sacrificing your attachment, something that’s rather hard to do and makes you want to disobey Him or Atleast question Him, that’s the real deal, the real test of faith. But there’s where supplication comes in, bowing down to His decree , knowing that He knows best, that He will replace it with something better, and He will satisfy your heart and heal that hurt and the void you feel by giving up something so desired. It’s a beautiful feeling, Obeying HIM! 

EID MUBARIK To everyone. πŸ’™



​I always want to wait, 

As long as I can, As much as I can, As dearly as the sailer waits to land on the coast,

As hopeful as the sky hopes to see the moon every night,

As hurt as the oppressor waits for the sunrise, to be hung, but to be realised from the hauntings of the crime,

As melancholic as the pangs of the birth, of the mother, for she bears all for her beloved,

As the princess waits in the dungeon for her prince to rescue her,

For the love of beloved, I waited.

Before it’s too late to be realised that the love, I dreamt of, only existed in fables,

For it was impossible to have my name with yours in life but only in the books.

And Before I took the last breath while I felt myself drowning in the midst of nowhere. 

I want to learn, learn how to swim.

And last thing you should know, some humans are only to be admired from afar, up close they can’t be handled, up-close it’s messed up and no one wants them. I think maybe I’m one of those things.

And this thing left me with the idea of going away from you. 

Never-ending Love.πŸ’•

The reflection of me is and will always be You, Unable to comprehend, from where you start in me and to where I end.πŸ€”

You’re a type of magnet with a strong invisible magnetic field, And I’m maybe one of those ferromagnetic metals, strongly attracted.πŸ˜‹
The fragrance of you, in you is beyond pleasant than flowers And I enjoy it in me.🌹
You’re the one, who’s able to encircle the whole world in his two very beautiful eyes, (Masha Allah) I see galaxies in them, Billions of stars, radiating out light, And I have nothing in my eyes except you!πŸ‘€
I see how your lips curve to make a smile, A smile that breeds content and peace, A smile worth more than my life, A smile which causes me to smile. πŸ™‚

You think about the whole world.. I think about You, and everytime when I think; my heart beats faster, my breath goes unsteady and my eyes shines brighter than ever. I feel You with my closed eyes and see You with open. My universe!πŸ™ˆ
You’re a kind of deep ocean for me, I’m willing to learn how to swim and even how much potential is required to drown in it.🏊

If it’s in my hand only, I’ll treasure You for the rest of my life. Lock You in my heart!πŸ”

I alway feel some kind of free-flowing connection with You. Something simple, yet so complicated. My hearts mentions you always everytime embracing each and every words of yours.πŸ’•
My love for You even made me a believer, a strong believer. I started believing in the power of unconditional love, patience and faith.
Love means to belong no more for yourself and so I love You, worth more than I ever loved myself.

And as we know, true love never rest upon reciprocity and space, it’s beyond. I want to see You flying on the sky so high, Standing on the floor of my feelings even.πŸ’«

I exhale You, then inhale You everytime. And I everytime experience different breath. Everytime different You in different me.

Never have I been able to envision what my life would be like without the thought of You.

I know! You deserve the best, And I have nothing best for You.πŸ˜” (Sorry twice)

You know, I started feelin’ everything much deeper after I fall in love with You. And I always feel like, there was somethin’ too which left you with this depth within You”
There’s always some moments which come in our life to improve us, to make us different and leads us to a better version of ourself. (Some hidden blessings of Allah Almighty.)β˜‚

You know what, when You rise, the day actually begins, And when You slumbered, it’s night.πŸŒ™
I know the spot in the moon has begun to get washed, The dark sky has begun to dissolve, With this, every second I wish to read all the pages of Your Heart.πŸ“–

And then somewhere in my heart, resides a fear, that no one else would love You more than I do, and then I recalls to myself No, no one can ever.
– My definition of love is You! And love for You is sealed in me, sealed for eternity.❀

Noor fatima.


I know that an illness whether mental or chronic is the hardest on the person who has it. But Yeah, the choices you have is how to handle it and by deciding who to let in to understand it. You’re not a name in a medical book and you aren’t enslaved to your illness. Instead, you are full of potential to fight against it. Believe me, there’s always some people in your life who are always ready to listen you, understand you, to support and to remind you that you aren’t broken. “You are not a broken piece of glass instead, You’re a beautiful piece of pottery if broken gets stronger than ever. As Allah Almighty is always there to mend you and then there’ you! You’re made enough stalwart to made your self whole again stronger than before.
These ache in your heart is just as temporary as the temporary world that caused it. You’re having glitters in your eyes, integrity in your words and heaven like beautiful heart. Your heart can make you feel your worth. Our heart is our normal perspective faculty through which Allah guides us and also punishes. We follow the emotions we feel there and they are according to how we sense matters. A study of the hearts, nervous system and neurons present in our body shows heart is a mini brain which senses and remember emotions, the heart role and importance is above the brain and it can be gaged by the fact that, “In the fetus, the heart develops long before the brain does to regulate the body”.
We are the best creature of all creations, Ashraful makhluqat. Indeed, It’s the Greatest blessing upon us. (“Alhamdulillah“)
So, it’s always us which are the cause of our distress. we always ponder over negative happens in our life neglecting all the positive vibes of our past and present. As said by our beloved Prophet (SAW),

“When you see 99 bad qualities in a person, remember 1 good quality he possess”

. Just like that focus on what good is happening or happened in your life instead of counting your hardships. Don’t overthink about where your life going.
Remember, Whenever worriness or any illness loom over us like a storm cloud, we’ll always have an umbrella . We should also teaches our soul, our body, our mind and our heart about what actually patience is. Sabr is one of the most important thing you’ll learn to have, even for those who don’t have it. Sabr is something you’ll have to attain to save your self falling into pieces. And then there comes, Strong believe that there’s a blessing in everything. We are highly blessed Alhamdulillah. And then, We should also kept in mind that hopelessness is one of the major sins and one must always have faith by imploring in Allah (SWT). It is highly recommended that we should never lose hope and supplicate to Allah (SWT) to not let satan disturb our hearts with despair in Him (SWT).
The holy Qu’ran states, β€œIt may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you.” (2: 216)
Just put your strong faith in Allah and then in you. Pray to Him for forgiveness, for Patience, wisdom and righteousness. Allah is the best of givers and the best of planners. Whatever he’ll provide you with, is indeed best for you. He is the central focal point of our lives indeed.

~ Look deep inside and see what lies therein,
If not true to Me, at least be true to yourself.

Noor Fatima. 

I Wish!

Would you come If I tell you What hurts me the most?
Would you come If I tell you Why my eyes ache in the sorrow?
Would you listen to me if I want to share my sufferings with you?
Would you leave your chores for tonight just to share a silence with me?
Would you be the knight to protect me from my demons that lie in dark?
Would you give me a shoulder when I’m losing myself by the weight of the world?
Would you count stars and search constellations with me till I fall asleep?
Would you talk to me about what you hide in your heart and lay down your guards?
Would you veil my secret if I tell you, you make me weak and strong, both at once,
Would you come?
If I tell you I want you by my side?

Herkes farklΔ± seviyor!

There is the love that will be ready,
Ready to leave you on the horizon,

Where Someone can be in love with you,
But still not join you on the bridge,

Whatever there reasons you must leave
Love is not to convince, It is to believe,

It is a different era for one, So one can endure it,
One can live in it and empowers himself always with it,

It is a stupendous experience in such a wild and so wide universe,
It let you feel absolute and absent everytime,

It comprehend a ocean of calmness as well as fierce of a dragon,
It confer wings to fly as well as anchor you from all other despairs of life,

When you fell it, you forget each and everything,
You forget the whole world surrounding you,

You only feel what’s in you,
Which makes you alive, and stays alive in you foreva.

And there is a love you find out that will be ready to cross a bridge with you, actually in you,
You cross it alone but with the ample of love in you which doesn’t let you feel alone.

Everyone loves differently! It’s the most difficult thing to understand, how others feels, how they love?

Love is the most beautiful symphony, always resonates in the lover with his random heart-beats.



Kyun phoolon ka rang tmhari hanssi se milta hai,

-Kyun asmano par urtay huay parindo ko dekhtay hi ek yakeen sa hota, kay tum bhi unchaiyon ko apna rasta banao gay,

-Kyun barish kay pani ko dekhtay huay dil chahta hai kay tmhari jheel jesi ankhon mai doob jana is say kahei zyada khoobsurat hoga,

-Kyun taiz hawaon ki lehrain tmhari yaad ko, shiddat mai badal deti,

-Kyun har gham ka ilaj sirf tmharay ilfazon mai hi dhoonda jata,

-Kyun andheray mai chamakta huay chand mai bhi tera deedar kiya jata,

-Kyun har yaad ek ehsas sath lati hai kay doori nazdeekion se kahei behtar hoti,

And I believe that distance increase passion and love whereas proximity increases distance

In sab kay bawajood kyun dil baichain rehta,

Allah ki ibadat tou sukoon deti hai par mai phir bhi kahei na kahein beqrar shaid kisi ghalti par hoon najane.

I pray for everyone, May Allah Almighty (SWT) will keep us on the straight path, holding us so we’ll never ever stray. No doubt, He’s the only one who can fix everything in a better way for everyone.❀


We are living in confusing times but as believers we are given a powerful gift: DUA.
When you feel lost or unsure, dig deep.
Let go of the steering wheel.
Because everyone of us is merely blind.
Except whom He gives sight.
Everyone of us is lost.
Except whom He gives guidance.
Everyone of us is in darkness.
Except whom he gives light.
So close your eyes and let go.
Ask for His guidance and light.
Ask for Him to make the truth clear from the falsehood.
Beg for Him to steer you.
For truly, truly we cannot steer ourselves.

-Beautiful lines by Yasmin mogahed.

After Isha Thoughts!

If the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visits you,
Just for a day or two,
If he come unexpected,
I wonder what would you do,
Oh i know you give your nicest room to such an honoured guest,
And the food you would serve to him,
Would you be very best,
And would you keep assuring him
You’re glad to have him there,
That serving him in your home,
Is a joy beyond comparison but
When you see him coming
Would you meet him at the door,
With arms stretched in welcome, to your visitor?
Or would you have to change your clothes,
Before you let him in?
Or hide your magazine,
And put the Qur’an where they had been?
Would you still watch movies on your TV ?
Or would you rush to switch it off?
Before he gets upset.
Would you hide away your music,
And instead take Hadith book out?
Could you let him walk right in?
Or would rush about
If Prophet Muhammad (SAW) spend a day or two with you.
Would you go right on doing the things you always do?
Would life for you continue as it does from day to day?
Would your family conversation,
Keep up its usual place?
And would you find it hard on each meal, to say a table grace?
Wouldyou keep up each and
every prayer will out putting on frown?
And would you always jump up early for prayer at dawn?
Would you sing song, you always sing, and read the books you read?
And let him know the things on which your mind and spirit feeds?
Would you take the prophet with you everywhere you plan to go? Or would you, maybe change your plans just for a day or two?
So would you be glad to have him meet your closest friends or,
Would you hope they would stay away until he visits you?Β Because they were always using so much humor in their talks.
Would you sigh with the great relief when he at last was gone?
We all are becoming oblivious of our Deen day by day,
No doubt this is a very mindful and a thing to ponder,
It returns a sense of purpose,
But at the same time,
One must always remember that Allah SWT
Is always in your house and always looking everything.
One should ponder over the fact even if the prophet does come as a guest he is no doubt His last messenger (PBUH) but the real power has been there and here long before we were born and after we die he sees and hears all and he shall punish and reward accordingly,
Now again face the reality that Allah is the guest in your house now would you still live your life as it is or make amends..

-Noor πŸ™

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