Tonight, let me love you,
Show me the person you are when no oneโ€™s around,
Show me the scars you hide behind your walls,
Show me the parts of you , you hate,
Give away to me your regrets, your vicious desires,
Sail to me your fears, your insecurities,
Throw your disappoints away,
Give me the glimpse to your soul,
The things that keep you awake at night,
The secrets that make you skip a beat,
Let me see the parts you find ugliest,
So I know what to love,

So Iโ€™d know how to make you whole in your own eyes as well,
You may keep the body to yourself,
I want more than that,
Give me something youโ€™ve never given to any lady before,
Give me your soul,
Let me unravel you in the real meaning,
Let me untangle every knot that you find difficult to,
Allow me to get lost in the labyrinth of your soul,
Do not just give me your subtle 2 p.m personality,
Allow me to have you at 4 a.m,
Let me have your vulnerabilities,

And I swear Iโ€™ll veil them with an invincible wall,
Let me love you,
The way youโ€™re supposed to be loved.

Date: 16,November,2016