The purpose of life I realise now. Times again, I go in the depths of despair, get my heart pulled out by things and people that mean the most to me, once in a while go on little sprees just to realise that what I lack is peace, what I lack is genuine contentment, what I lack is the undying love, and all of it lies in only one place, in HIM.

I am just amazed how HE lets me go towards the little sins just to make me feel the need to come back to Him, just to realise that only HIS love is what satisfies my heart truly.

HE always wanted the return of His love that He did but why I wouldn’t return even a quarter of it.Why? But I’m sure he will bring me out of my every bad habit, my sins and my all worst thoughts.

Allah! Who is the only source of peace. No one can comfort your heart and mind.

– It’s difficult to control how heart feels but it’s easy to supplicate to the controller of your heart to ease what you feel.