Yes, You’re my sky.

I donโ€™t know when I fell in love with you like I fell in love with the sky,

Maybe You became like the sky to me,
I can look at it for hours, and Not get bored,
In its every mood, whether the storms are casted by it,
Or if the scorching sun is my fate by it,
Or if the white calm clouds cover it,
I love it just the same,
No matter what, with all my heart,
I can not count the things I love about you, just like stars canโ€™t be counted,
And even if you do, there are millions hidden out of your vision,
Yes, I can see the flaws like I do the scars on the moon,
but does It make it any less beautiful? No.
And, just like the phases of moon, I believe you can develop.
Like the sun rises after every sunset sunset,
I hope after all the deviant sprees, youโ€™ll always come back to me,
Guess, youโ€™re my own sky,
So far away, yet so loved,
So far away, so unreachable.
So far away, still so close to me,
So near to me,
In me.

-Noor Fatima