Don’t want to disturb your life,
When you’re so busy in your life, in a peaceful and contented life,
Don’t want to force you,
For me and for my love when you have so much love around you,
Don’t want to leave you,
Because I know I couldn’t resist praying for your health and of you.
Don’t want to meet you,
That what if you will not find me as perfect as you dream for.
Don’t want to see you,
Afraid if I’ll look in your eyes and you find out how much insane I’m for you.
Don’t want to tell you,
I don’t want to let my commotion interfere your happy life.
Don’t want to show you,
That how much it hurts when I see you there with anyone else.
Don’t want to make you realise,
Yes you are having your own heart who maybe beats for someone, So I don’t want to stand between your wish and your dreams even I pray for your all wishes may come true.
Don’t want to talk you,
Because everytime we converse, I have to stop myself.

I know how much I control each second to text you or to talk you. such patience
I’m not the only barrier between us,
Its you too,
I search sometime for my space but I always found out that there’s no space for me in your life.
The rain makes me feel empty sometimes yet provide me with so much passion,
As I think, It’s because it assures me that storms and rains are always a part of everyone’s life.
You’ve to pass through them again an again with love and patience.
I think my love is a synonym of complexity,
My Lord only understands every bit of it,
It drowns me unless He helped me each time,

Don’t want to, But still I’m ..