My love is pure,
Pure from every desire,
Pure from every need,
Every lust,
Even i haven’t desire of you
Or to be with you,
Because what i feel is,
You lies within me,
Within the most sensitive and sacred place of my body,
In my heart ❀
I see u there everytime,
I meet u there,
I don’t have to think about you,
You’re never out of my mind for a second,
Without any rules and restriction
Without any shame,
Without any pain,
You are always found in my soul and in my heart but yeah you’re still not in my life.
What I and others get in love?
Some get the whole sky,
Some get the whole land,
Some get the seashore,
And I, I got the depth of a big wide ocean.

And I love to drown in the ocean of your love.

” If I say you mean the world to me, but that will be nothing a short of a lie, the world is too small a thing to be compared to you. “