Life sometimes become a riddle for people.. Difficult to solve and even no clue about the answer.
Many times, I go in the depths of despair, get my heart pulled out by things and people that mean the most to me, once in a while go on little sprees just to realise that what I lack is peace, what I lack is genuine contentment, what I lack is the undying love, and all of it lies in only one place, in HIM.
I am just amazed how HE lets me go towards the little sins just to make me feel the need to come back to Him, just to realise that only HIS love is what satisfies my heart truly.

I see you with others and my heart throbs like someone clenched it in my fist and my windpipeโ€™s collapsed but I somehow realise that my love is greater than the hurt I take. I now know that even if some person has almost all the pieces of you, has been with you for the longest, and you care deep enough not to let her get hurt, I have something for you that is unmatched. I have been in love with you for HIS sake, and this itself is a blessing that I canโ€™t thank enough for. I realised it as I saw you, and I didnโ€™t want to take anyone’s place , It is selfless, I just wanted you to be okay, to be there, striving on your own, fighting your desires and practising purity instead of letting satan control you for what you are or are not capable of.

I realised it as I let you go. Even though I knew that I can help you to go where you need to be, but a fear restrained me.
It may seem Iโ€™ve let go of you, but I can never let go of someone whom I love for HIS sake.
So now, here I am,
Iโ€™m not giving up on you just trying to stay out of your own life,
Iโ€™m having you in my prayers,
Iโ€™m giving you in HIS care and HE will guide you home.