There is the love that will be ready,
Ready to leave you on the horizon,

Where Someone can be in love with you,
But still not join you on the bridge,

Whatever there reasons you must leave
Love is not to convince, It is to believe,

It is a different era for one, So one can endure it,
One can live in it and empowers himself always with it,

It is a stupendous experience in such a wild and so wide universe,
It let you feel absolute and absent everytime,

It comprehend a ocean of calmness as well as fierce of a dragon,
It confer wings to fly as well as anchor you from all other despairs of life,

When you fell it, you forget each and everything,
You forget the whole world surrounding you,

You only feel what’s in you,
Which makes you alive, and stays alive in you foreva.

And there is a love you find out that will be ready to cross a bridge with you, actually in you,
You cross it alone but with the ample of love in you which doesn’t let you feel alone.

Everyone loves differently! It’s the most difficult thing to understand, how others feels, how they love?

Love is the most beautiful symphony, always resonates in the lover with his random heart-beats.