I know that an illness whether mental or chronic is the hardest on the person who has it. But Yeah, the choices you have is how to handle it and by deciding who to let in to understand it. You’re not a name in a medical book and you aren’t enslaved to your illness. Instead, you are full of potential to fight against it. Believe me, there’s always some people in your life who are always ready to listen you, understand you, to support and to remind you that you aren’t broken. “You are not a broken piece of glass instead, You’re a beautiful piece of pottery if broken gets stronger than ever. As Allah Almighty is always there to mend you and then there’ you! You’re made enough stalwart to made your self whole again stronger than before.
These ache in your heart is just as temporary as the temporary world that caused it. You’re having glitters in your eyes, integrity in your words and heaven like beautiful heart. Your heart can make you feel your worth. Our heart is our normal perspective faculty through which Allah guides us and also punishes. We follow the emotions we feel there and they are according to how we sense matters. A study of the hearts, nervous system and neurons present in our body shows heart is a mini brain which senses and remember emotions, the heart role and importance is above the brain and it can be gaged by the fact that, “In the fetus, the heart develops long before the brain does to regulate the body”.
We are the best creature of all creations, Ashraful makhluqat. Indeed, It’s the Greatest blessing upon us. (“Alhamdulillah“)
So, it’s always us which are the cause of our distress. we always ponder over negative happens in our life neglecting all the positive vibes of our past and present. As said by our beloved Prophet (SAW),

“When you see 99 bad qualities in a person, remember 1 good quality he possess”

. Just like that focus on what good is happening or happened in your life instead of counting your hardships. Don’t overthink about where your life going.
Remember, Whenever worriness or any illness loom over us like a storm cloud, we’ll always have an umbrella . We should also teaches our soul, our body, our mind and our heart about what actually patience is. Sabr is one of the most important thing you’ll learn to have, even for those who don’t have it. Sabr is something you’ll have to attain to save your self falling into pieces. And then there comes, Strong believe that there’s a blessing in everything. We are highly blessed Alhamdulillah. And then, We should also kept in mind that hopelessness is one of the major sins and one must always have faith by imploring in Allah (SWT). It is highly recommended that we should never lose hope and supplicate to Allah (SWT) to not let satan disturb our hearts with despair in Him (SWT).
The holy Qu’ran states, β€œIt may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you.” (2: 216)
Just put your strong faith in Allah and then in you. Pray to Him for forgiveness, for Patience, wisdom and righteousness. Allah is the best of givers and the best of planners. Whatever he’ll provide you with, is indeed best for you. He is the central focal point of our lives indeed.

~ Look deep inside and see what lies therein,
If not true to Me, at least be true to yourself.

Noor Fatima.