When Heart Speaks.💕

Herkes farklı seviyor!

There is the love that will be ready,
Ready to leave you on the horizon,

Where Someone can be in love with you,
But still not join you on the bridge,

Whatever there reasons you must leave
Love is not to convince, It is to believe,

It is a different era for one, So one can endure it,
One can live in it and empowers himself always with it,

It is a stupendous experience in such a wild and so wide universe,
It let you feel absolute and absent everytime,

It comprehend a ocean of calmness as well as fierce of a dragon,
It confer wings to fly as well as anchor you from all other despairs of life,

When you fell it, you forget each and everything,
You forget the whole world surrounding you,

You only feel what’s in you,
Which makes you alive, and stays alive in you foreva.

And there is a love you find out that will be ready to cross a bridge with you, actually in you,
You cross it alone but with the ample of love in you which doesn’t let you feel alone.

Everyone loves differently! It’s the most difficult thing to understand, how others feels, how they love?

Love is the most beautiful symphony, always resonates in the lover with his random heart-beats.




Kyun phoolon ka rang tmhari hanssi se milta hai,

-Kyun asmano par urtay huay parindo ko dekhtay hi ek yakeen sa hota, kay tum bhi unchaiyon ko apna rasta banao gay,

-Kyun barish kay pani ko dekhtay huay dil chahta hai kay tmhari jheel jesi ankhon mai doob jana is say kahei zyada khoobsurat hoga,

-Kyun taiz hawaon ki lehrain tmhari yaad ko, shiddat mai badal deti,

-Kyun har gham ka ilaj sirf tmharay ilfazon mai hi dhoonda jata,

-Kyun andheray mai chamakta huay chand mai bhi tera deedar kiya jata,

-Kyun har yaad ek ehsas sath lati hai kay doori nazdeekion se kahei behtar hoti,

And I believe that distance increase passion and love whereas proximity increases distance

In sab kay bawajood kyun dil baichain rehta,

Allah ki ibadat tou sukoon deti hai par mai phir bhi kahei na kahein beqrar shaid kisi ghalti par hoon najane.

I pray for everyone, May Allah Almighty (SWT) will keep us on the straight path, holding us so we’ll never ever stray. No doubt, He’s the only one who can fix everything in a better way for everyone.❤


We are living in confusing times but as believers we are given a powerful gift: DUA.
When you feel lost or unsure, dig deep.
Let go of the steering wheel.
Because everyone of us is merely blind.
Except whom He gives sight.
Everyone of us is lost.
Except whom He gives guidance.
Everyone of us is in darkness.
Except whom he gives light.
So close your eyes and let go.
Ask for His guidance and light.
Ask for Him to make the truth clear from the falsehood.
Beg for Him to steer you.
For truly, truly we cannot steer ourselves.

-Beautiful lines by Yasmin mogahed.

After Isha Thoughts!

If the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visits you,
Just for a day or two,
If he come unexpected,
I wonder what would you do,
Oh i know you give your nicest room to such an honoured guest,
And the food you would serve to him,
Would you be very best,
And would you keep assuring him
You’re glad to have him there,
That serving him in your home,
Is a joy beyond comparison but
When you see him coming
Would you meet him at the door,
With arms stretched in welcome, to your visitor?
Or would you have to change your clothes,
Before you let him in?
Or hide your magazine,
And put the Qur’an where they had been?
Would you still watch movies on your TV ?
Or would you rush to switch it off?
Before he gets upset.
Would you hide away your music,
And instead take Hadith book out?
Could you let him walk right in?
Or would rush about
If Prophet Muhammad (SAW) spend a day or two with you.
Would you go right on doing the things you always do?
Would life for you continue as it does from day to day?
Would your family conversation,
Keep up its usual place?
And would you find it hard on each meal, to say a table grace?
Wouldyou keep up each and
every prayer will out putting on frown?
And would you always jump up early for prayer at dawn?
Would you sing song, you always sing, and read the books you read?
And let him know the things on which your mind and spirit feeds?
Would you take the prophet with you everywhere you plan to go? Or would you, maybe change your plans just for a day or two?
So would you be glad to have him meet your closest friends or,
Would you hope they would stay away until he visits you? Because they were always using so much humor in their talks.
Would you sigh with the great relief when he at last was gone?
We all are becoming oblivious of our Deen day by day,
No doubt this is a very mindful and a thing to ponder,
It returns a sense of purpose,
But at the same time,
One must always remember that Allah SWT
Is always in your house and always looking everything.
One should ponder over the fact even if the prophet does come as a guest he is no doubt His last messenger (PBUH) but the real power has been there and here long before we were born and after we die he sees and hears all and he shall punish and reward accordingly,
Now again face the reality that Allah is the guest in your house now would you still live your life as it is or make amends..

-Noor 🙁


Meri zindagi to firaaq hai, Wo azal se dil mein makeen sahi
Wo nigaah e shoq se door hain, Rage jaan se laakh qareen sahi

Hamein jaan deni hai ek din, Wo kisi tarha wo kahin sahi
Hamein aap khenchiye daar per, Jo nahi koi to hami sahi

Sar e toor ho sar e hashar ho, Hamein intizaar qabool hai
Wo kabhi milein, wo kahin milein, wo kabhi sahi, wo kahin sahi

Na ho un pe mera kuch bas nahi, K ye aashqi hai hawas nahi
Mein unhi ka tha mein unhi ka hoon, Wo mera nahi to nhi sahi

Mujhey bethney ki jagha miley, Meri aarzoo ka bharam rahay
Teri anjuman mein agar nahi, Teri anjuman k qareen sahi

Tera dar to humko na mil saka, teri rehguzar ki zameen sahi
Hamein sajda karney se kaam hai, Jo wahan nahi to yahin sahi

Meri zindagi ka naseeb hai, Nahi door mujh se qareeb hai
Mujhey uska gham to naseeb hai, Wo agar nahi to nahi sahi

Jo ho faisla wo sunayie, Usay hashar pe na uthayie
Jo karein gey aap sitam wahaan, Wo abhi sahi wo yahin sahi

Usay dekhney ki jo lo lagi, To “Naseer” dekh hi lein gey hum
Wo hazaar aankh se door ho, Wo hazaar parda nasheen sahi.

  • Syed naseer u din naseer.

Unsolved riddle.

Life sometimes become a riddle for people.. Difficult to solve and even no clue about the answer.
Many times, I go in the depths of despair, get my heart pulled out by things and people that mean the most to me, once in a while go on little sprees just to realise that what I lack is peace, what I lack is genuine contentment, what I lack is the undying love, and all of it lies in only one place, in HIM.
I am just amazed how HE lets me go towards the little sins just to make me feel the need to come back to Him, just to realise that only HIS love is what satisfies my heart truly.

I see you with others and my heart throbs like someone clenched it in my fist and my windpipe’s collapsed but I somehow realise that my love is greater than the hurt I take. I now know that even if some person has almost all the pieces of you, has been with you for the longest, and you care deep enough not to let her get hurt, I have something for you that is unmatched. I have been in love with you for HIS sake, and this itself is a blessing that I can’t thank enough for. I realised it as I saw you, and I didn’t want to take anyone’s place , It is selfless, I just wanted you to be okay, to be there, striving on your own, fighting your desires and practising purity instead of letting satan control you for what you are or are not capable of.

I realised it as I let you go. Even though I knew that I can help you to go where you need to be, but a fear restrained me.
It may seem I’ve let go of you, but I can never let go of someone whom I love for HIS sake.
So now, here I am,
I’m not giving up on you just trying to stay out of your own life,
I’m having you in my prayers,
I’m giving you in HIS care and HE will guide you home.


My love is pure,
Pure from every desire,
Pure from every need,
Every lust,
Even i haven’t desire of you
Or to be with you,
Because what i feel is,
You lies within me,
Within the most sensitive and sacred place of my body,
In my heart ❤
I see u there everytime,
I meet u there,
I don’t have to think about you,
You’re never out of my mind for a second,
Without any rules and restriction
Without any shame,
Without any pain,
You are always found in my soul and in my heart but yeah you’re still not in my life.
What I and others get in love?
Some get the whole sky,
Some get the whole land,
Some get the seashore,
And I, I got the depth of a big wide ocean.

And I love to drown in the ocean of your love.

” If I say you mean the world to me, but that will be nothing a short of a lie, the world is too small a thing to be compared to you. “

Don’t want!

Don’t want to disturb your life,
When you’re so busy in your life, in a peaceful and contented life,
Don’t want to force you,
For me and for my love when you have so much love around you,
Don’t want to leave you,
Because I know I couldn’t resist praying for your health and of you.
Don’t want to meet you,
That what if you will not find me as perfect as you dream for.
Don’t want to see you,
Afraid if I’ll look in your eyes and you find out how much insane I’m for you.
Don’t want to tell you,
I don’t want to let my commotion interfere your happy life.
Don’t want to show you,
That how much it hurts when I see you there with anyone else.
Don’t want to make you realise,
Yes you are having your own heart who maybe beats for someone, So I don’t want to stand between your wish and your dreams even I pray for your all wishes may come true.
Don’t want to talk you,
Because everytime we converse, I have to stop myself.

I know how much I control each second to text you or to talk you. such patience
I’m not the only barrier between us,
Its you too,
I search sometime for my space but I always found out that there’s no space for me in your life.
The rain makes me feel empty sometimes yet provide me with so much passion,
As I think, It’s because it assures me that storms and rains are always a part of everyone’s life.
You’ve to pass through them again an again with love and patience.
I think my love is a synonym of complexity,
My Lord only understands every bit of it,
It drowns me unless He helped me each time,

Don’t want to, But still I’m ..

You’re my Sky.

Yes, You’re my sky.

I don’t know when I fell in love with you like I fell in love with the sky,

Maybe You became like the sky to me,
I can look at it for hours, and Not get bored,
In its every mood, whether the storms are casted by it,
Or if the scorching sun is my fate by it,
Or if the white calm clouds cover it,
I love it just the same,
No matter what, with all my heart,
I can not count the things I love about you, just like stars can’t be counted,
And even if you do, there are millions hidden out of your vision,
Yes, I can see the flaws like I do the scars on the moon,
but does It make it any less beautiful? No.
And, just like the phases of moon, I believe you can develop.
Like the sun rises after every sunset sunset,
I hope after all the deviant sprees, you’ll always come back to me,
Guess, you’re my own sky,
So far away, yet so loved,
So far away, so unreachable.
So far away, still so close to me,
So near to me,
In me.

-Noor Fatima

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